ATM Security Tips While Withdrawing Money From An ATM!

Security Tips

In these present days, we are seeing a lot of cyber attacks on the ATM machines. In this article, you are going to know about some of the ATM security tips while withdrawing money from an ATM and how hackers hack your bank accounts when you use an ATM.

ATM Security Tips While Withdrawing Money From An ATM!

  • Check your surroundings and proceed to ente your Personal Identification Number PIN when no one is watching you.
  • Mostly use the ATM’s where security guards are available.
  • Cover the keypad with your hands while entering an ATM PIN.
  • We see some of the ATM’s ask to insert a card to enter into the ATM. It’s perfect but doesn’t allow any strangers with you into the ATM.
  • Try to remove the KEYPAD and the CARD INSERTER when you have a doubt, Especially call the security guard and test this in the presence of the security guard.

ATM Security Tips

  • After finishing your transaction don’t forget to take your receipt. If you don’t need the receipt tear and throw the receipt there itself or select the option don’t print a receipt which is a good one for the environment. But, Don’t throw the receipt without tearing as there will be some details present in that. These might be an advantage to hack your bank account easier.

How Hackers Hack Your Bank Accounts When You Use An ATM.

To hack a bank account or to access a bank account all we need is the Card Number, CVV, Expiry Date and some general information. How many of you know that all these details will be present in your card. Not the front side of the card that you think. This all will be present at the back side of your card with the Black Magnetic Strip. ATM’s will read this strip and give access to your account.

How Can Black Magnetic Strip Be Read?

Magnetic Strip will be read by a computer. The magnetic strip has been divided into the three tracks. In the first track, the general information will be there such as Card number, Card Holder Name, And the Card Expiration Date. 

In the second track also the Card Number and the expiration date of the card will be there. And on the third track, It doesn’t have any information. But some banks will provide for some of the cash back offers, loyalty programmes, and some more promotional offers.

Security tips for ATM

The hackers will keep a socket like in the ATM, This socket will record all the magnetic strip information whenever a user keeps a card in that. The socket will be as shown in the above picture.

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