BSNL Increased Data On It’s Broadband Plans!

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BSNL Broadband increased more data on its internet broadband plans for their users. As we all know that a few days back, The Jio company chairman Shri. Mukesh Ambani Garu announced the Jio Gigafiber along with the Jio Phone 2  and other Jio products. With this effect, All the other internet providers and cellular networks started announcing the offers for their customers.

BSNL Broadband

Going in detail, BSNL Broadband increased 50 GB more data on it’s three Broadband plans. The three broad plans are worth Rs 1,045, Rs 1,399, and Rs 1,895. Check out the details of these three plans in detail:

Broadband Plan Rs 1,045:

The BSNL Fibro BBG ULD 1045 CS48 plan which is worth Rs 1,045 previously providing the 100 GB data with a sped of 30 Mbps. The new plan includes 150 GB of data with the same speed of 30 Mbps. When a user completes their 150 GB data with a speed of 30 Mbps automatically the speed will get down to the 2 Mbps.

Broadband Plan Rs 1,399:

The second BSNL Broadband plan is BSNL Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS49, Previously this plan is providing the 150 GB data with a speed of 40 Mbps. The new plan will have 200 GB data with the same speed i.e 40 Mbps. Same as like the above plan, when a user completes their 200 GB data with a speed of 40 Mbps, From then the browsing speed will be 2 Mbps.

Broadband Plan Rs 1,895:

The BSNL Fibro BBG ULD 1895 CS129 plan is offering the 200 GB data with a speed of 50 Mbps. Now this plan will have 250 GB data with the same speed of 50 Mbps. This plan will also give the 2 Mbps data speed to its users when a user completes their 250 GB data.

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