Survey Result: 75% Of Indians Can’t Live Without Smart Phone!

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Who doesn’t like smartphones nowadays? Have you ever thought, I am the only one who is spending more time on mobile? Then it was absolutely wrong. According to a survey conducted by Limelight Networks, One of the companies which serve internationally in digital content delivery made a survey in our India and states that 75% Of Indians Can’t Live Without Smart Phone.

LimeLight Networks Survey

According to this survey, our India is in the second place in the list where people cant live without smartphones. And, Malaysia tops the board.

On an average, each country has 48% to 52% people Who can’t live without mobile phones. This shows that how much we are addicted to our smartphones.

93% of Indians state that they are benefiting by using the smartphones, While 11% of Japan people state that they are benefiting by using the smartphones. Japan is one of the countries where they are following the technology for many decades, Really we need to think about these.

78% of Indian people use technology just for some entertainment like YouTube Streaming or Downloading the content. And also this survey states that Fitness band users are growing rapidly.

We need to use the Technology, But we should not get addicted.

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