How To Earn Money From YouTube-A Step-By-Step Guide With Images!

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Would you like to earn money from YouTube? Then you are at the right place to know each and everything earning money from youtube. Please do keep in mind the below things, Before starting a Youtube Channel.

  • Decide what you would like to post on your YouTube Channel.
  • Good Name and easy to remember your YouTube channel name. (The visitors can remember and may visit your channel regularly)
  •  Good Content, And never ever copy the music or video from any other YouTube channels or from any other platforms.
  • Keep in touch with your audience by doing the YouTube Live Sessions, Maintain social networking profiles and keep updating them.
  • When you made a video and post on your YouTube channel keep in mind that, There will be people who don’t like your content. They may keep some vulgar or bad comments, Never ever reply to them and waste your time.

How To Create A YouTube Channel?

To create a YouTube channel, All you need to have a G-Mail account. Sign-in to your Gmail account and follow the step-by-step guide below with the images:

Step-1: Sign-In to your Gmail account with your email id and password.

how to start a youtube channel

Step-2: After signing in to your Gmail account, Now open the YouTube. And on the top the right side, you can see your profile picture or a starting alphabet of your name. Have a click on it and select the My Channel. When you click on the My Channel button, The window will appear same as like the below image. And now you need to set your YouTube channel name. Enter the name and click on the Create Channel. And, That’s it you have successfully created your YouTube channel.

earn money from youtube

Set Up The YouTube Channel:

You have successfully created the YouTube channel. Now all you need to do is set up your YouTube channel with the About Section, Channel Logo, Linking The Social Media Profiles, Uploading The Videos….

The below is an image When you created a YouTube channel and ready to set up the channel.

earn money from youtube

Click on the CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL, Where you can edit the About Section, Upload The Channel Logo, Linking the social media profile and everything about your YouTube channel. Below is a screenshot.

earn money from youtube

Now, Upload your YouTube channel logo, Cover Picture, Write a great About section, Link the social media profiles…

How To Upload A Video On YouTube?

As per the YouTube new Policies and Guidelines, A YouTube channel must and should have a 4000 Hours of watch time and 1,000 YouTube Channel Subscribers. Don’t worry about all these, Just keep on uploading the great content without copying from others. Then getting 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time is not a big deal.

Upload some unique content and make your own mark in the YouTube. Who knows you may be the next superstar on youtube. 🙂

earn money from youtube

To upload a video on YouTube, Click on the Upload A Video. The above is a screenshot of how the web page looks like. Then select your video and upload by giving the better tags, Good title. And promote your videos on social networking sites.

How To Enable YouTube Monetization?

When you enable the YouTube monetization, This will helps to display ads on videos and make you a great income. Note that without enabling the YouTube monetization you can’t make any money. If you have lakhs of subscribers and crores of views also.

To enable the YouTube Monetization, Follow the below steps,

Step-1: In your YouTube channel you can find an option CREATOR STUDIO, Have a click on it. If you didn’t find, Go to the YouTube homepage and on the top right corner click on your channel logo. There you can find the CREATOR STUDIO option, Now have a click on it.

Step-2: The below is an image of the CREATOR STUDIO, How it looks like. In the left sidebar click on the CHANNEL.

earn money from youtube

Step-3: In the left sidebar, You can see an option CHANNEL. Have a click on it.

earn money from youtube

Step-3: Now in the channel section, You can see Monetization. Have a click on it and enable the monetization and select what ads you would like to place on your YouTube videos like Skip-Ad, Text Ads, Side Display Ads…. 

As we said earlier, Note that you need to gain 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 Hours of watch time to enable the YouTube Monetization.

earn money from youtube

Ones you gain the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time, You can enable the YouTube monetization. Note that you should not gain any Copyright Strikers and Should not violate the YouTube Community Guidelines before the YouTube monetization enable.

How To Know My Copyright Strike Status?

When you upload or use someone’s music or video, Then YouTube will give you a copyright strike. When you upload any videos of the illegal activities, sexual content or any other which violates the youtube community guidelines also will give you a Community guidelines strike to your YouTube channel.

Ones you have any Copyright strikes or Community guideline strikes, It’s a bit hard to survive in the YouTube career. If you gain this strikes before enabling the YouTube monetization, Then YouTube will not enable the monetization and display ads on your Youtube videos.

To know the Copyright strikes or Community guideline strikes, Follow the steps below:

Step-1: Go to the YouTube CREATOR STUDIO. To visit the CREATOR STUDIO section follow the same process as mentioned above.

Step-2: Click on the CHANNEL section in the CREATOR STUDIO.

Step-3: There, At the top only you can find the two options Copyright Status And Community Guideline Strikes…

earn money from youtube


Linking Adsense Account To YouTube Channel:

Ones you enable the YouTube Monetization, Then the ads will start playing on your YouTube videos. Then to know the exact income per day, Impressions, Clicks and many more. All you need to do is connecting the AdSense account to your YouTube channel.

Click on the below link, Which will redirect you to the Google Adsense Linking. Check out the step by step process below:

Adsense Linking

Step-1: Ones you click on the above link. The webpage will appear same as like the below image.

how to earn money from youtube?


Step-2: Click on the Start button. Ones you read all the YouTube Partner Program Terms then tick all the sections and click on I accept and proceed to the next step.

how to earn money from youtube

Step-3: Then the webpage will appear same as like the below image. Click on the Next step.

how to earn money from youtube

Step-4: Then you will be redirected to the Google Adsense for your YouTube channel form. There your channel URL will be applied automatically and you can’t edit it. Select your Country or Territory and Ones you Read the Terms and Conditions, You can click on the CREATE ACCOUNT. And, That’s it your Google Adsense for youtube channel account will be created.

And now you can know all the statistics, your daily income, impressions, views, and many more at one place.

earn money from youtube

Ones your Google Adsense Account has been approved, Please do keep the following points in your mind:

  • Never Ever copy anyone’s content like music or videos.
  • Don’t click on your own Ads on your videos. If you click on your own ads, Then Google will detect your IP address and may suspend your Google Adsense Account for a lifetime. Then you no longer eligible for placing ads on your YouTube videos and earning money. Maybe one or two times, unfortunately, we may click, No worries.
  • Don’t use any robot views or paid clicks.

Hope this article earn money from youtube” helped you.

And Finally, All The Very Best For Your YouTube Channel.


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