Check Out Some Of The Unknown Facebook Patents!

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Facebook Patents: Who doesn’t use social networking sites in these days and especially Facebook? Check out some of the shocking patents that were filed by Facebook since 2012.

  • About Your Relationship Status

Facebook filed a patent which includes an automated system that can know whether you are married or not, Or are you in a relationship? Based on all your personal information and all the profiles which you visit your opposite gender. With all these details Facebook can know about your relationship status.

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  • Your Personality

The Facebook posts which you post on your timeline, Your chats and messages in messenger, Your location and all your credit and debit card details Facebook can know your personality based on all these information.

  • Listening Around You

Facebook designed an algorithm to keep track of what’s happening around you constantly by listening through the microphone in your smartphone. Facebook has also set up your daily routine, At what time will you woke up, how many times will you open your Facebook account, when are you sleeping and all these information collected by Facebook, Now Facebook will send a notification to your friends.

  • Your Habits

Daily how many hours are you sleeping, When you and your facebook friend in nearby, Then Facebook can know that you met your Facebook friend. All these Facebook Patents are just a bit of patent that were filed by Facebook. There are many more Facebook Patents you need to know. By this we can know that a social networking site is entered into our life a lot.

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