Google India Launches Google Adsense & Adwords For Telugu!

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Google, One of the leading search engine as we already know. Till now Google Adsense and Adwords are only for English and recently it launched in Hindi too in our India. Today (27-June-2018) Google launched Google Adsense & Adwords For Telugu people with an event named Google For Telugu.

With these Google For Telugu, From now many of the Telugu creators start writing and developing the websites especially in Telugu. And also the publishers can directly target the local audience based on their interests.

Today at an event in Hyderabad announces that Huge user growth for Telugu language users on Google search over the last one year. And especially more searches are on the mobile.

Also, They announce that Top 10 categories contribute to more than 75% of searches, especially in the Telugu language. The top categories include News, Media, Economics, Computers, Mobiles and much more.

Till now when a publisher submits their ad in Google, The publisher doesn’t have a hope that their ad may be visible to the suitable customers. But from now with these  Google Adsense & Adwords For Telugu, The Telugu publisher can directly target the Telugu audience which is the biggest advantage for the publishers in Telugu.

Advantages Of Google For Telugu

  • The local publishers can directly target their local audience.
  • Publishers can now make the ads directly in the Telugu language.

“They will be able to sign up for AdSense and run ads to attract advertisers from across the world,” a Google executive said here today at the Google For Telugu launch event in Hyderabad.


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