How To Get Back Deleted Contacts!

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Ones upon a time we used to save all our contacts in the SIM card or in the mobile phone. Days and years are passing, Technology growing rapidly and human relations are decreasing. In these present days, each and everyone is saving their contacts in Google Contacts or any other backup services.

Sometimes without knowing us, Our loved member’s mobile numbers deletes automatically due to not syncing our contacts. In this article, you are going to know How To Get Back Deleted Contacts in Google Contacts with step by step guide.

How To Get Back Deleted Contacts:

Step-1: Sign in to your Google account with you EMail ID and Password.

Step-2: Now open the Google Contacts on your desktop, Or visit the below link.

Google Contacts

Step-3: When you visit the Google Contacts, On the right sidebar you can see More. Have a click on it.

How To Get Back Deleted Contacts

Step-4: After clicking on the More button, You can see an option Restore Contacts. Have a click on it. Same as like the below image.

How To Get Back Deleted Contacts

Step-5: Finally you are here at the last and the final step to restore your old contacts and get in touch with your loved ones. Now select the custom time period and click on the restore button, Automatically the contacts which have been deleted in the particular time will be restored.

How To Get Back Deleted Contacts


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