How To Hide Last Name On Facebook – With Pictures

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Have you ever thought How To Hide Last Name On Facebook? Is it not getting possible? No worries, In this article, you will know completely how to hide your last name on Facebook with step by step guide with images.

For a neat and clear understanding let my Facebook Username be ABC XYZ. Now I will show you how to change my name from ABC XYZ to ABC.


Log in to your Facebook account with your Username and the Password.

How To Hide Last Name On Facebook

This is how my profile looks with the name ABC XYZ, Now I want to change from ABC XYZ to ABC

How to hide my last name on facebook


Click on Settings.

hide last name on facebook


The below image is a screenshot of how the settings page looks like. In the below image you can find a specific section that has been marked with a red square box. In that, Click on the icon.


Hide surname on facebook


Have a click on the icon, And select the Tamil Language as shown in the below image.

hide last name on facebook

Now, A Pop-Up will appear same as like the below image. Click on the Translate button. Automatically, the page will be translated into English from Tamil. 

hide last anme on facebook with images


Here comes the last and the final step. Now, Just enter your name how your profile name wants to look like. My profile name wants to be ABC. So, I am just entering my first name as ABC and leaving the Last Name empty. And click on the Validation Change and enter your Facebook password and have a click on Save Changes. 

surname hide on facebook

Automatically your profile name will be set as your first name. Note that ones you change your name on Facebook you can’t change it for the next 2 months, i.e up to 60 days. This is how you can Hide Your Last Name On Facebook.

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