How To Know About Your Mobile IMEI Number!

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IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI Number will be available to each and every smartphone that you buy.

What Is IMEI Number?

IMEI consists of a 15 digit numerical number. One IMEI code cannot be matched with the other IMEI code. When you buy a dual SIM mobile then it will consist of two IMEI numbers. When you found a mobile without the IMEI code then we can simply say that it’s a fake mobile.

How To Know Our IMEI Number?

Knowing our IMEI number is very very important. To know your mobile IMEI number, The steps are as below :

  • Just do launch the dial pad.
  • And now dial


  • Then on your mobile screen, you can observe a 15 digit number and that is your mobile’s IMEI number. When you are using the dual SIM mobile you can observer two IMEI numbers on your screen.


When you buy a mobile phone, You can also find the IMEI mobile number at the top of the box. The below image shows you that:

The step by step below process will completely guide you in knowing your IMEI number through the mobile phone settings for iOS users and this will be similar to all the other operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Windows or any other.

  • iPhone Users

Have a click on Settings and now search for General, In the General, you can find an option IMEI, That’s it now IMEI code will be shown on your iPhone screen.

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  • Android Users

Click on Settings on your Android Phone and scroll down the options and search for About Phone, And there you can find an option Status or IMEI. Have a click on it and know your IMEI code.

How To Block A Mobile With Your IMEI Number?

What if someone lost their mobile, All you do is changing all your social networking sites password or any other. Here is a process to block your mobile, when you lost it :

Note down your IMEI number and Visit your nearest network operator and submit your IMEI number and explain what happened clearly in the form of a letter and submit to them. They will verify all the details and block your SIM card within few hours. Most of the cases you can’t find your mobile when you lost it.

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