Xiaomi MIUI 10 Global Features And Indian Features!

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Xiaomi started rolling out the latest MIUI 10 update to its mobile users. The below are the mobiles, Where they are eligible for the update of MIUI 10. Check out the MIUI 10 Global Features Below:

  • Redmi Note 5 Pro (India)
  • Redmi Note 5
  • Mi Mix 2S, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2.
  1. Trending Music Videos In The Mi Music Application.

In the latest update of MIUI 10, Now Xiaomi users can watch all the trending music videos in the Mi Music application. As of now, This feature is available only in India only. Check out the below image, How it looks like:


MIUI 10 Global Features

2. Voice Note

This feature will be very helpful to the people who attend meetings regularly. To use this Voice Note, Simply click on the Notes application and there you can find an icon, Same as like below:


3. Recent Applications Used

Xiaomi changed the style of the recent apps option. In this new update, We can see all the recent used application is vertical, Whereas we have seen the recent applications in horizontally in the previous MIUI.

4. Faster Than Lightning Feature

In the MIUI 10, You can see the 10% faster application loading, When compared to the MIUI 9. So no worries when you are loading the heavy applications.

MIUI 10 Global Features

5. AI Portrait Mode For Single Camera

Till now we have seen the Dual camera setup for the Portrait mode in mobile phones. Recently, We are able to shot the Portrait mode with the help of the Artificial Intelligence in the single-camera setup also.

Now, In the MIUI 10, You can shot the pictures in the Portrait mode and blur the background with the help of AI.

MIUI 10 Global Features

6. Full-Screen Mode

Now you can view the full-screen display just by hiding the below Back, Home, and Recent options. And you can go back to the applications just by swiping from left to right. Check out the below image, How it works.

MIUI 10 Global Features

7. Sound

Xiaomi made a lot of changes in the Sound in MIUI 10. The below are the some of the sound effects:

  • You will receive a sound like a water drop when a notification comes.
  • When you delete a Notes in the Note application, The sound will be alike the pouring sand.
  • Ambient Mode, In this mode you can experience the sounds of the forest, summer night, beach, drizzle, stove fire and much more.

MIUI 10 Indian Features

1. PayTM QR Code Scanner In-Camera Applications

In India, PayTM users are a lot. Now, To make payments through PayTM, Users can just tap on the camera application, There itself you can find an option PayTM QR Code Scanner. The below is an image of how it looks:

MIUI 10 PayTM Feature

2. MI Music Application

Xiaomi collaborated with more than 400+ content providers in our India to bring you 10+ million songs in 15+ regional languages. This is a great feature for all the music lovers.

3. MI Video

You can watch 5 Lakhs+ hours of content in the Mi Video application.

MIUI 10 Global Features

Indian users can access more features such as Quick Messaging In The Messages Application. Especially in the browser, you can see all the leading movie ticket booking, online shopping and much more.

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