Reasons Why iPhone Doesn’t Get Virus!

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Have you ever thought why iPhone doesn’t get virus much more when compared to the Android mobile phones? Check out the reasons.

When we compare both the Android mobiles and the Apple iPhone’s, Android mobiles will be on the top where the virus attacks more on the android mobiles. The main reason behind this is Apple will take some additional security features for the iPhones. Let we know about all the additional security features that are present in the Apple iPhone’s.

Apple App Store

In Apple App Store, We can download the mobile applications only from the App Store itself. But, whereas in android mobile phones we can download the applications not only from Google play store and we can download from various ways like through the apk. files, through the USB cable and Bluetooth. This was the main reason where many of the android mobiles effects with viruses. In Apple App Store also we can download the applications from another way but most of the cases it is not possible to download. ( 99.9% It’s not possible to download )

The applications which we upload in the Apple App Store will be used and tested by the apple staff itself. In android google play store recently they started testing through the Google play protect. But when compare both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Apple App Store will be more secure.

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Sandboxing Technology

When we install a certain application in our iPhone from Apple App Store, The application will not gain any access from any other applications and it continues doing the own application work. And also there will be limited account access in Apple iPhone’s.


In Apple iOS, The iPhone users get instant updates from the Apple itself. But in android mobile phones, While Google releases the instant security patch for each and every month, But the mobile manufacturers release them into our phones a bit late.

This are the reasons why iPhone doesn’t get virus much more when compared to the android phones.

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