Smartron TRONX ONE: India’s First Smart Crossover Electric Bike

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Smartron launched India’s first crossover electric bike Smartron TRONX ONE. This electric bike costs Rs.49,999 as of now. Pre-Order requests are going on the official website of Smartron. Click on the below link to register for a Pre-Order request:


This TRONX ONE electric bike can’t be sold to everyone as of now, We need to register for a Pre-Order request form from the above link. Smartron will pick few people and sold this TRONX ONE electric bike to them with a price of INR 49,999.


Smartron TRONX ONE Specifications:

  • Full Charge Battery Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Ones the battery fully charged, We can ride in between 45 to 50 Kms.
  • Removable Battery
  • 250 W rear hub motor
  • Smart TFT Display
  • Bluetooth
  • Companion App
  • 25 KG Weight
  • Double Wall Alloy
  • Tyre Size: 26 Inch x 2.0 Inch crossroad type
  • Handle: The Riser type cruise ride position

For more specifications and other details, Click on the above link provided for the pre-order request.

Smartron TRONX ONE Additional Message:

Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder, And The Chairman, Smartron said, “Through Tronx Motors, our vision is to extend tronXTM, our intelligent and connected platform to automotive industry and disrupt the commute experience that has been pretty much the same for almost a century. Commute experience of future as we see it is not only Electric but also Connected and Autonomous. We believe Smartron and TronX Motors can uniquely differentiate its products through integration of various connected and autonomous technologies powered by tronXTM. For instance, we can bring voice and touch-enabled intelligent services and IoT enabled lock/ unlock, location monitoring, servicing, sharing features to commuters. We can introduce a range of driver and rider assist autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies to improve travel safety, productivity and experience. We are looking to open up our motors platform to other EV companies in the future.”

Anoop Nishanth, Founder & CEO, Tronx Motors said: “TRONX ONE is developed in India by a passionate team of designers and engineers and we are very excited to launch it for Indian consumers. With unique features such as advanced detachable lithium battery technology powered by advanced Samsung cells which are designed to carry and charge, the product is an ideal companion for the consumer as it offers a powerful and fun riding experience powered by the tronXTM ecosystem. We are receiving a great initial response from the market and have already closed the first batch of pre-bookings. We aim to bring globally competing Design & Engineering with advanced and affordable technology to India in our upcoming products. Our next step is to ensure seamless shipping and delivery of the TRONX ONE to the consumers and our team is focused on that.”

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