Solar Eclipse To See On July 13Th, Only For Few!


A Solar Eclipse Supermoon is going to see by few people on July 13th, 2018 (Friday). It was the first time since the year 1974. When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, This is known as the Solar Eclipse. This will happen for every 29 days. There will be three phases of the Solar Eclipse Moon, Check out them below:

  • The Sun will be blocked by the Moon.
  • Then the Solar Eclipse Occurs
  • Now, The Moon passes away from the Sun.

How To See Solar Eclipse Supermoon On July 13Th, 2018 (Friday)?

If you wanna see the Solar Eclipse Supermoon you should be at the following places:

  • Austraila (Southern Tip)
  • New Zealand
  • Pacific Ocean (Southern)
  • The coast of Antarctica

Don’t expect for any pictures or any live streams on any social networking sites or on any other news channels. These can be only viewed by the Solar filter of Optical density five, Welder Glass, Pinhole Camera, Solar Eclipse Glasses. There’s a chance of taking pictures, which is very low.

Solar Eclipse Moon 2018 amavasya july 2018

Do’s And Don’t Do’s While We Are Watching:

  • Do watch with the above-mentioned devices – Solar Eclipse Glasses, Pinhole Camera…
  • Don’t watch the Eclipse directly with your eyes.
  • Don’t watch through the telescope, As these may affect your eyes.
  • Don’t take any pictures with your camera, If you wanna take a picture then use the special protective filters.

Actually, The Solar Eclipse is not so rare, Till now we have seen 3 times in this year and 2 times in the last year. On 13th December 1974 (Friday) Same this happen Solar Eclipse Supermoon has been observed by the people of Baffin Island, Canada.

Solar Eclipse Moon 13th June 2018, Friday

The eclipse will hit South Australia just after 03:00 am UTC, or 12.30 pm ACST. It will then move across Victoria at around 1:20 pm AEST. Then, it will hit the very tip of New Zealand sometime between 3:30 and 4 pm NZST.

Source: Ministry Of Earth Sciences, Oneindia, Sciencealert.

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