What Is TRP Rating And How To Know The TRP Rating Of A Channel?

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Did you ever question yourself What Is TRP Rating And How To Know The TRP Rating Of A Channel? The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point. 

What Is A TRP Rating?

Television Rating Point is also known as a TRP.TRP rating is used to know how many members are watching a particular channel regularly and Which programme is being viewed by most of the people in that channel. Every channel has their own TRP ratings.

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How To Know The TRP Of A Channel?

The Ministry of Infomation and Broadcasting’s BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council India) gives the TRP rating for each and every channel. To know the TRP rating of a particular channel, Have a click on the below link.


Ones you click on the above link, The webpage will be same as like the below image:

TRP Rating

There you need to select your language. Then you can know the Top 5 Channels in your language and Top 5 Programs in your language. For Example, I would like to know the Top 5 Channels in my region. So, I am selecting the Telugu Language and  Top 5 Channels in my language. And the results are as below, STAR Maa tops the chart.

If you would like to know the Top 5 Programs in your language, Just select your language and click on Top 5 Programs.

Top 5 TRP Channels Telugu

How Is A TRP Rating Known By BARC?

In a few Televisions, BARC will attach a small device to know the TRP ratings. BARC will not attach this device in all the Televisions as this type of device’s costs more money.

What Is The Use Of TRP Rating?

Who doesn’t want to promote their products or services to more people? With this TRP ratings, The advertisers can know what is the most viewed channel in a particular channel. And the advertisers will promote or play their ads in that channel in a particular time or a particular program running time.

When a channel has the highest TRP rating, Then a particular channel can demand more money for an ad slot in their channel from the advertisers.


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