WhatsApp New Feature Alerts When There’s A Suspicious Link In A Message!

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In our daily lives, We use many social networking sites. WhatsApp is one of them where we spend more time. How many of you receive many unwanted messages, pictures and some fake news from our friends, family or anyone? Check out the WhatsApp New Feature:

Do you know that A hacker can hack a mobile just by sending you a link? And How many of you know that much fake news and dangerous Suspicious Link are been forwarded by WhatsApp.

To prevent all these attacks, WhatsApp brought a new feature which will alert you when someone sends a suspicious link. Check out the below image, How it looks like:

WhatsApp Suspicious Link

How To Enable WhatsApp Suspicious Link Feature?

Currently, This new Suspicious Link feature is not available to everyone. As of now, this feature is only available to the WhatsApp Beta Users. 

To use this new feature, You can also become the WhatsApp Beta User just by following these steps:

  • Visit the below link and have a click on BECOME A TESTER.

WhatsApp Beta Tester

The below is an image of how the webpage looks like when you click on the above link

How to become whatsapp beta tester

  • After clicking on the BECOME A TESTER, Automatically you will be a WhatsApp Bets Tester.
  • Then just visit the Google Play Store, or any other default app store on your mobile and search for the WhatsApp application.
  • Then beside the WhatsApp, in brackets, there will be (Beta). Same as like the below image.

whatsapp new feature


  • From now you can install all the updates from the WhatsApp directly before the normal users.

Also note that there are some plus points and minus points when you become a WhatsApp beta tester.

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